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  • Sole Sitcker
Sole SitckerSole SitckerSole Sitcker

Sole Sitcker

  • Basic rubber
  • special particle surface film
  • pressure sensitive adhesive
  • release paper
  • Product description: Sole Sitcker

Material: Basic rubber, special particle surface film, pressure sensitive adhesive, release paper

Color: Transparent

Logo: No

Surface treatment: Special particle surface, Anti-slippery and protective treatment..

Moisture content: 8%-13%

Size: 10cm*18.2 meters

Packing: In rolls, put into cartons.

Why have the bottom of your shoes all scuffed up? Why repaint the soles, when you can protect the original factory finish? Here is a cheap and easy solution to your problems. Our Sole Sticker is created with High-end technology. Easy to apply and painless to remove! When it wears out, simply remove and slap a new one on. Unlike other products on the market, our sole stickers will not pull the paint off your beloved shoes.

Just trace out the custom fit of your soles, cut, and apply.

Comes off cleanly with zero residue.

Removes without damaging your sole.

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